Here are 3 ways you can support us:

  1. Prayer. Andrew Murray once said, “Without prayer, even though there may be increased interest in missions, more work for them, better success in organization and greater finances, the real growth of the spiritual life and of the love of Christ in the people may be very small.”  We absolutely cannot lead this ministry without prayer. It is our greatest commodity and the best way you can support us. We will have ongoing weekly outreaches in addition to scheduled Projects, so please add us to your prayer list as you are able.
  2. Donate.Your faithful contributions enable us to plan future Projects and weekly outreaches including the purchase of Bibles, Gospel tracts, and other evangelistic tools and resources.  We are grateful for your partnering with us as we seek and save the lost with the Glorious Gospel of Christ!

  3. Join us! Engaging the lost is the primary effort of The Speak:Truth Project, and as such, we invite you to engage the lost with us. There will be weekly opportunities and special Projects for you to participate, and what better way to gain experience than with other like-minded believers? No matter your witnessing experience, you are welcomed and encouraged to join us by getting in touch with us through our Contact page.

Thank you for your support and faithfulness to the furtherance of the Kingdom!

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