Project Community Outreach

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”. – Mark 16:15

Are you a Christian seeking to fulfill the great commission as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ? Here is a great opportunity for you to join The Speak:Truth Project by getting involved in your local community.  Especially if you’ve never handed out tracts before or witnessed to strangers, this project is for you!  The first project in this outreach will be conducted the weekend of 12/9-12/11.

With your help and commitment, we can share the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with hundreds if not thousands of people across the United States. This Project will require very little time and cost and can be accomplished by an easy walk through your neighborhood. You might even consider getting folks from your church involved.

Project Community Outreach is something the Lord pressed upon my heart while my wife and I were taking a walk through our community. We thought about putting tracts in the newspaper tubes below the mailboxes, but then the Lord gave me the idea to make fliers for the mailbox tubes. He then provided me with the idea to enlist our brothers and sisters through the internet so that His Gospel could be proclaimed to thousands throughout the United States.  Think about how many of your neighbors who have never heard the unadulterated Gospel of Christ.  This is your chance to bless them with everlasting Hope!

Whether you have never handed out Gospel tracts before or are a seasoned evangelist, we invite you to join The Speak:Truth Project in fulfilling this mission by following the instructions below.  This would be a great way for you to share the Gospel, especially if you are an introvert or have fears you need to overcome:

  • We are hoping to enlist at least 10 saints for this first outreach. Pass this along to your brothers and sisters!
  • Email us at with subject line “Mark 1615” and provide your name, city, state, and commitment of fliers you are going to distribute.
  • The Gospel flier will be emailed to you upon your commitment.
  • Each month we will post an article to set a date for distributing the fliers (First date is 12/9-12/11!).  If you already have a copy of the file, please RSVP with a comment for commitment on the respective post.
  • We encourage a commitment of distributing at least 50 Gospel fliers per outreach
  • You are welcome to distribute more than 50 copies and on more than just the designated day. Please keep us informed of your progress!
  • Printing is up to you. Copies can usually be made at your local pharmacy, Staples, ect. Copies usually cost about $0.10 – $0.15 cents.  If you commit to 50 Gospel fliers that would be a total cost of $5.00
  • After these copies are made, you will then take one flier and place it in the newspaper tubes below the mailboxes in your neighborhood and or neighborhood of choice. Do not place the Gospel fliers in mailboxes as this is a Federal Offense.
  • Please post your questions, comments, and experiences in the comment section below to encourage others to get involved!

We hope and pray you join us in fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the earth, including your backyard.  Here’s the current map of fliers going out this weekend.  Add yours today!

To God be the glory alone!

Shawn Pander

12 Responses to “Project Community Outreach”
  1. Praise the Lord brother for His Plans and His Spirit in giving us obedience and courage to follow them. Love this project. Count me in brother. I will pass along to as many people as I can.

    Love you brother-

  2. willie says:

    Where do we get the news paper tubes from? Also do we go to different neighborhoods to distrubt the gospel or assigned neighbor hoods?

  3. I’m in! I’ll send you the email. This is cool! God is so cool!! 🙂 Aw, that’s sounds irreverant, but HE IS!!!

  4. Just got done putting 300 fliers in a very large neighborhood on Cabarrus County called Moss Creek. Only covered about a fifth of the neighborhood. Took my family roughly 45 minutes. Praying the seeds land on fertile soil and for God to water them. Thank you Jesus!

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