The Speak:Truth Project is in agreement with the following doctrinal introduction from the HeartCry Missionary Society:

The great end of any missionary society or fellowship should not be the sending forth of missionaries, but the sending forth of God’s truth through missionaries.

It is unwise and even perilous to make missions or evangelism a rallying point for believers or congregations of diverse or undefined doctrinal viewpoints. Truth and the desire to make it known among the nations must be the uniting force.

Since missions is primarily a task of communicating God’s truth to the nations, biblical doctrine is primary. Any missionary society or agency that does not concern itself with biblical doctrine or generalizes its doctrinal statement in order to maintain fellowship with the greatest number of professing Christians (i.e., supporters) has lost its very purpose and possibly its very soul.

As we grow in ministry and look to partner with other like-minded believers, it is imperative we partner with those who agree with us in doctrine and application. Please see the following pages for a detailed statement of faith and the application of our doctrine in ministry:

Core Beliefs

Essential Convictions

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