Rules for Commenting

Thanks for visiting The Speak:Truth Project!  We welcome and encourage comments, but just a few house rules before you hit the keyboard:

  1. You do not have to be a Christian or agree with the material on this website to comment – all people from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are welcome here.
  2. With that said, all comments must show respect for God whether you believe in Him or not.  This means all references to God and Jesus must be capitalized.
  3. Disagreements are welcome, but let’s disagree respectfully.  Personal attacks against the authors or anyone else will not be tolerated.
  4. All arguments regarding truth and morality are based on the authoritative source of truth and morality, the Bible, so please expect all references to truth and morality to come from God’s Word.
  5. No foul language or blasphemy of any form.

We reserve the right to not approve, delete, or edit comments as they violate the commenting guidelines.  Failure to comply may result in permanent ban from posting.

Hope to see you around the website, and thanks again for visiting!


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