How EASY Is It to Hand Out Gospel Tracts?

Sowing seeds at Pride Charlotte 2011

VERY easy! One of the best ways to begin actively sharing your faith with the lost, especially strangers, is to begin distributing Gospel tracts.  So many of us, myself included at one time, are afraid of the response we will get by handing someone a tract. Why is this so? What is there to fear? Is it really so scary that someone might say, “no thanks”?

Our flesh is very deceptive into fooling us that we should fear men, when the truth is, most of the fears we have in evangelism are really figments of our imagination.  The dozen or so fears I had before I started “street evangelism” (that is to say, “cold” evangelism in the sense of witnessing to strangers), simply proved to be nonexistent.  The more I stepped out on faith, the more the Lord proved to me that He is always with me.  Because I am God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10), there is no task in evangelism He has not already prepared for me to accomplish.  God IS faithful, saints!

Gospel tract distribution is the perfect icebreaker for you to get off the bench and into the game.  Even before you hand a Gospel tract to a stranger for the first time, you might consider leaving tracts in public places to start (I did this for several months before I ever handed a tract to a stranger).  Gas station pumps, public restrooms, grocery stores, restaurants – absolutely anywhere! – these are all perfect places for you to leave a Gospel tract for someone to come along and read the Good News of Jesus Christ.

But if you’re ready to hand tracts to strangers, please take a couple of minutes to watch the following short video.  I show just how easy it is to share tracts with strangers.  This was done right outside my workplace and literally took less than 60 seconds to complete the fishing trip.  I was only gone from my desk for 10 minutes total.  Don’t you have a few minutes each day that you can step outside and sow some seeds?  Whether outside your workplace, home, etc?

Don’t let apathy control you – get in the game!  It’s not only exciting and rewarding, but you can take great joy in knowing you are being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and your faithfulness may just be the tool God uses to bring a lost sheep into the Kingdom!

You can order our 2012 Mayan Gospel Tracts here.

Also recommended: check out this video to see just how you can impact the Kingdom by simple acts of obedience like handing out Gospel tracts or sharing your faith unashamedly:

2 Responses to “How EASY Is It to Hand Out Gospel Tracts?”
  1. great encouragement as well as great video. Praise God that He has chosen us to share His Good News. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Love you bro

  2. Thanks, brother – SDG! Can’t wait until this weekend for Super Bowl Outreach!

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