TSTP – 2011 Fellowship Dinner

On Saturday 12.10.2011, the Edwards hosted the first TSTP end of year Fellowship Dinner. This fellowship dinner was to worship, celebrate and reflect upon the amazing things the Lord Jesus Christ has done over this past year.

The Lord is mightily using the Facebook and the internet in amazing ways. Over a year ago my wife and I didn’t know any believers in Charlotte who loved evangelizing the lost. We desperately prayed for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to fellowship and evangelize with. The Lord has definitely answered those prayers.

Through the use of Facebook we have met many fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I met Justin on Facebook and it was as if we knew each other for many years when I first met him in person. Justin had been sharing his faith inCharlotte almost the same amount of time we had, but we never met each other on the streets. He then introduced me to other fellow believers, and it was if I knew them for many years as well. I realized something that day – when the Spirit of God truly changes a human heart, you all share one common desire:  a hunger and thirst for the Lord Jesus Christ. My wife and I as well as the others are so blessed to be a part of TSTP, and we look forward to the amazing things the Lord will do in 2012.

The Lord gets all the glory for everything that The Speak:Truth Project does and will do. This ministry isn’t about us; it is about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who died so that we may have eternal life. At the dinner several people spoke about how amazing and faithful the Lord is. He is raising up many laborers from many different churches in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. It was just amazing to sit in a room with 25 people who love the Lord and how most of us didn’t know each other a year ago. However, through the grace of God using Facebook, the internet and other means, we have all been joined together at this one place to fellowship, praise and worship Him. It really got me reflecting back to the apostolic age in the epistles, when the Apostles would journey several days to other cities and join together with the brethren and worship the Lord in other believer’s homes.

As we enter 2012, there are many big things ahead, Lord willing. God is providing us with a new tool this coming year – an iPhone app! You may also consider joining our email lists to receive project updates and website notifications. We would also like to invite you to pray with us as the New Year begins. Below is a list of several items if you would like to pray with us:

  1. That we decrease and the Lord increases in our lives, and that we are conformed more and more to His image daily.
  2. That all pride, envy, and arrogance be stripped away from us and that the Lord Jesus Christ be highly exalted through our lives, families, jobs, and TSTP ministry.
  3. Pray for the Super Bowl Outreach, that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those who will receive the glorious message of the Gospel, and that He grants them repentance and saving faith.
  4. Pray for the Lord to continue to provide laborers not only in Charlotte, but throughout the world.
  5. Pray for the Gospel tracts being distributed weekly, that the Lord will use them for His glory
  6. Pray for the Lord to open the doors to speak in churches, to train others to Exhort and Equip the saints to Engage a lost and dying world
  7. Pray for us that the Lord give us the strength to proclaim His Gospel with compassion, love, boldness and truth.

If you live in the Charlotte area, we would like to invite you in joining us in proclaiming the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace, Shawn Pander

2 Responses to “TSTP – 2011 Fellowship Dinner”
  1. Brian Ottinger says:

    Praise God! Great night of fellowship. Hoping to get together with you brothers and sisters more often. Thanks for the post

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