Occupy UNCC Report

Brian Ottinger has the following to say about our outreach at UNCC last night.  Though Occupy UNCC was a providential “bust”, we still were able to hand out several hundred tracts (see store for details) and had many conversations – Soli Deo Gloria!

Here’s Brian:

Praise The Lord! What an amazing turn out last night as well as many conversations about Eternal Salvation in Jesus Christ!

Last night, twelve saints took to the campus of UNCC Campus for the weekly Speak Truth Project Thursday Night Outreach. Earlier in the week we got the news that the local Occupy organizer was planning on establishing an “occupy UNCC” movement. So we figured that this would be a great opportunity to share the Gospel with those that would be camped out. We got to the campus with anticipation of being able to talk to those camped out about Occupy issues such as the state of our government in regards to the financial institutions (1%/99%)and then segway into issues of sin, morality and eventually into our separation from God and ultimately our need for a Savior. We made it out to the Belk Tower on campus where the protestors were supposed to have a camp set up, and all we found was a tiny sign saying Occupy would resume next week. With the temperatures somewhere in the 40s, we assumed that they disbanded to go occupy their warm dorm rooms.

However, we didn’t let the Occupiers not being there or the cold weather deter us from coming to do what the Lord sent us there to do – to share His Truth with the lost.  Proverbs 16:9 says

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his step,

which was definitely the case last night. We set foot for the Student Union, a place we have come to love.  This is a great “fishing hole” where we have been frequenting the past three months.  The Lord has provisioned us to go here and give out thousands of Gospels tracts as well as be engaged in hundreds of conversations to bring Him glory. This night would be no different.

The Student Union is a main hub on campus, a place where literally hundreds of students pass through nightly. The Student Union has a cafeteria, recreation area with pool tables, news stand, book store, Apple Store and many places for the students to hang out and socialize. We have been blessed to be able to stand out front and talk to the students as they come and go without any obstruction from authorities. Praise the Lord! Please stay in prayer for this to continue.

Last night’s weather ended up playing little factor with the passing students. We were able to engage and get involved with many wonderful people in sharing the Gospel.

Here is the list of names of people we were able to talk to: -Robert –Rodney –Patrick –Adrian –Lamar –Katie –Jamison –Matt –Nick –Chase –Robert –Jeff –Harold –Spencer –Mike

One conversation in particular I would like to share was with Mike and Spencer. Aaron and I saw them passing by and Spencer had a guitar in his hands. Aaron and I began conversation about the guitar and transitioned into the Gospel while learning that both of these gentlemen had said a prayer to ask Jesus in their hearts at the respective ages of six and eight. While we know that God can work in the hearts of children, after further conversation we realized that both of these gentlemen were struggling in their walk and questioned their own salvation. Despite the utterly cold temperature, the conversation lasted over an hour. As the conversation ended both Mike and Spencer thanked us for talking to them.

Spencer actually said that he had a conversation with a heretical preacher that told him the doctrine of sinless perfection and said it shook the foundation of his beliefs where he didn’t believe he was truly saved anymore. Aaron took him through the Biblical Truth that we are all sinners, which is why we need a Savior.  Despite our being saved and seeking His righteousness, we continue to sin.   We then explained biblical repentance that is rooted in godly sorrow. It was a great conversation capping off another great witnessing opportunity.

So thankful for all the brothers and sisters that joined up to bring God glory by sharing Jesus Christ with the lost. The night also provided many conversations for us to equip and encourage those that did have a relationship with God to go forth and spread Light to the darkness. God has been very gracious in providing us resources, no obstructions, fertile soil to plant His seeds, so we need to continue to be faithful to follow His will. As we make plans, He is the ones that orders our steps.

Please be encouraged if you are reading this to come and labor alongside us. In regards to witnessing/sharing your faith, please don’t let your own fears come in the way of the fear of someone’s soul condition. As a group when we go out, we go out not under our own will, but through God’s will. As we are ambassador’s of Christ imploring the lost on His behalf and in harmony with the Holy Spirit, God blesses and appoints these conversations and provides us with His strength and His words.  We merely get out of the way and let Him do the increase.

“not to us, not to us, but

To GOD Be The Glory!!!!”

3 Responses to “Occupy UNCC Report”
  1. Brian Ottinger says:

    Wanted to add to the story of Spencer and Mike-

    At onepoint in the conversation, Aaron grabbed the guitar and told Spencer that he has been playing the guitar for 15 years and that he was awesome at it, then he started to strum away creating a truly terrible noise! It was beautiful symmetry by Aaron in showing how we can say we are Christians or in Aaron’s case play the guitar, but our actions display something completely different.

    Also, Spencer actually said that due to hearing about “sinless perfection” He said he didnt feel saved anymore, and had been praying for an answer to this perplexing heresy that had rattled his faith. That prayer was answered last night. Praise The Lord!

  2. PSALMS 115:1 one of my most favorite verses!! I meditate on it quite often and make it my prayer!!!

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