Outreach Report for 11/10-11/11

This has been a busy week for The Speak:Truth Project as we had outreaches Monday, Thursday, and Friday (you can read Monday’s report here).  Our dear fellow saints Bill Adams and Scott and Patte Smith came into town on Thursday to spend a couple days with us.  They are so encouraging to us and it is always a blessing to serve and fellowship with them.  If you were unaware, Bill and Scott help plant evangelism teams in the southeast by traveling to cities to assist local evangelists in networking believers for the proclamation of the Gospel.  The regional network of evangelists they are establishing has been a great blessing to us at TSTP, so if you’d like to learn more about this for your area please contact us.

Thursday began with six of us witnessing at the Occupy Charlotte protest.  There was only twenty or so protestors camping out on the lawn of the old courthouse.  After walking through their camp handing out Gospel tracts, we proceeded to engage some of them in conversation.  It was a mixed bunch of professing Christians and self-professing pagans, and while it was often difficult to keep their attention, it seems we established a good rapport with them to return for other visits.  Other folks had been out there abusing the protesters with condemnation and judgment, so it was a blessing for us to be a contrast to what they had previously experienced.

Later on we met for dinner and fellowship, then proceeded Uptown Charlotte for more witnessing.  There were thirteen of us in the evening open-air preaching, handing out tracts, and one-to-one witnessing.  Although it was pretty dead Uptown, we handed out 400-500 tracts and had several great conversations.

Friday we spent the day at UNCC and had fourteen saints for evangelism.  Though we learned that Fridays are a pretty quiet day on campus, there was still a bit of campus life and it was a beautiful day to be proclaiming the Gospel! One of the highlights of the day was speaking to several students who had a passion for evangelism.  They were very excited to meet us and are eager to get involved with our ministry.  I praise the Lord for the work He is doing with TSTP as He continues to bring in laborers for the harvest.

Several of us were able to preach from what Scott considers to be the best elevation he’s ever seen on a campus.  The platform is at the Belk Tower on campus in the “free speech zone”, and places the preacher about 10 feet above ground level.  With 360 degrees from which to preach, it gives the speaker a wide range to proclaim the Gospel to all the passers by. Not only that, the acoustics are superb in this area as brick building surrounded us, causing our voices to carry a long distance without much effort.

It’s amazing how God uses open-air preaching to spark conversations for the Gospel.  While Scott was preaching, a young woman named Isabelle stopped to listen.  She seemed to be processing everything Scott was saying, and after I saw her wipe tears from her eyes, I just knew the Holy Spirit was working in her (I’ll let Shawn explain more about Isabelle in his report below). Then Louie the Aussie Atheist stopped by and engaged Scott in a friendly debate that lasted for 10 minutes or so.  Scott eventually turned his attention to others, and this opened the opportunity for us to engage Louie more personally.  Louie was a nice, intelligent guy to speak with.  Ken and I explained the atoning work of Christ to Louie and eventually got into a little presuppositional apologetics. About this time, Dustin Segers entered the discussion and engaged Louie in serious debate.  God has gifted brother Dustin with a brilliant mind and I believe he was able to really get Louie to consider the flaws in his worldview and why God must exist if we are to make sense of anything.  I’m so thankful for this brother and if you are not already following his blog (Grace in the Triad), I encourage you to do so as you will learn much from Dustin.

These past couple of days have been a tremendous blessing.  The Lord be praised as He uses believers to edify, teach, and encourage other believers to share their faith.  We all continue to be built up in the faith by one another, all to the glory of Christ.  Below you can read Shawn’s perspective of our outreach on Friday, and take a look at a few videos and pics from the day.

Please do contact us if you’d like to be a part of these outreaches to seek and save that which is lost.

Shawn Pander

The Lord provided a beautiful day for us, as we gathered together at UNC-Charlotte campus to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the college students. We had laborers come from Georgia and South Carolina to join us in proclaiming the Gospel. The day was filled with much open air preaching, hundreds of tracts being distributed, and many one on one witnessing encounters.

The Lord opened the doors to spread the Gospel with some Catholics, Mormons and Muslims on campus. Please pray that the Lord will change their hearts and graciously save them from their false man-made sinful religions. These groups of men have truthfully heard the marvelous Gospel of Jesus Christ today, and I pray they do not reject the Truth. The Lord Jesus said “whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet. Assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment than for that city!” (Matt. 10:14-16)

One of the most amazing things happened to me today, as fellow brother Scott Smith was open-air preaching. I noticed this young women (Isabelle) listening to Scott very intently, and as I observed her reactions as Scott preached, it seemed as if something was really bothering her. She started walking away very slowly. I proceeded over to her and asked her if she had any questions of what Scott was talking about. She then said to me “I know I am suppose to be going to church, and I don’t go and I need to get back to going to church, I just feel led to go to church.” When she spoke you could just feel the tenderness of her speech and actions. It almost seemed as if she had tears about to pour out of her eyes. I have personally never experienced seeing someone so distraught over their life like Isabelle was. I explained to her the Gospel in detail, just so that she was fully aware of the wages of sin, and how Christ is the only way she can be forgiven for her sins. I gave her a NT Bible, and several tracts with Biblical references, and encouraged her not to take my words, but to mirror all tracts to the Word of God. It seemed to me that she was very tender and ready to heed the words of the Gospel. She mentioned to me at the end of our conversation that she knew that our conversation didn’t happen by chance. Please pray for Isabelle, pray the Lord gives her a new heart of repentance to love Him, obey Him, and serve Him.

We spoke with many others, and I pray that you keep these souls in your prayers also. Pray that God gives them a godly sorrow leading to repentance:  Immanuel (Catholic), Anna, Ahkmed, Phil, Chelsea, Steve, McKenzie, Lauren, Louie, Justin, Matt, Michael, Ian, Chris, Danielle

If you find yourself reading this and you do not know what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is please click here. Maybe you are a Christian and have never shared your faith with others. Please consider this, imagine if God magically deposited $1,000 in your bank account every time you shared your faith. Would you be more willing to talk about your faith in Jesus Christ? However, the motivation for sharing our faith should come from a loving heart, knowing that when people die without Jesus Christ they will be eternally separated from Him in hell forever. Secondly, Jesus commands us to go make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). If you have any questions in regards to sharing your faith, we will be more than happy to assist you.

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!”~ Charles H. Spurgeon

The team on Friday

4 Responses to “Outreach Report for 11/10-11/11”
  1. Brian Ottinger says:

    Wow! Brother, I am blown away by this report. All praise and Glory to God. Hearing the story of Isabelle weighs so heavy on my heart. Love you brothers and sisters. Thanks for the detailed report. Its encouraging to hear and see what took place. Just listened to the preaching. All of you guys did a really good job bringing the Truth clear and precise and very lovngly. Praise the Lord for what He is doing in TSTP. Praise Him for all the laborers that took part in these events. Very blessed to have come in contact with you brothers and sisters. As the burden in our hearts continues to grow, the more He will lead us to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ in all we do individually and as a body. Again, very encouraged that He has led us all together and sees us worthy to do His Work.

  2. I praise God for you brothers. I wish I could be there with you. Please know that I am in Spirit and in prayer~

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