Gamestop Outreach Report

Four brothers reached out to the eager gamers at the late-night Gamestop video game release last night.  You can read the report from Brian Ottinger below.

I’m so thankful for what the Lord is doing through The Speak:Truth Project.  He continues to open up doors and bring in laborers for the harvest to our team. Brian has been a part of our team for just a couple of months now and he is already taking a role of leadership. Making fishers of men and fostering leadership growth is the heart of this ministry, so it is such a blessing to see the fruit of our mission – all to the glory of God! You can read Brian’s testimony here.

For details on how you can join us on these outreaches in November and beyond, please see Projects.

Here’s Brian’s report:

Hello saints-

Brian (right) sharing the Gospel with gamer waiting on Gamestop to open.

Just wanted to give you all an update from last night. Norm, Buck, Jonathan and I were up at Concord Mills to engage the people awaiting the midnight release of the new Call of Duty video game. We passed out a lot of tracts and got engaged in many conversations about the consequences of sin and the Good News of Jesus Christ. Since people were just standing around waiting for the game to be released it really was an awesome opportunity to engage them. All of the conversations seemed to be convicting and had many people thinking about eternity. All but one conversation was friendly. When talking to John and his brother Daniel, the younger brother Daniel became extremely hostile towards us and started cursing about his dislike for people “preaching” at him. The older brother, John who claimed to be a believer explained that they both had really bad upbringing in the Church, and tried to justify his younger brother’s hate for God. Both Jonathan and I tried our best to show love to him, but his cursing continued and his anger ensued. We left them both with a Gospel of John and a trillion dollar bill.

Please pray for both of them, as well as this list of others:


Also, we got to talk to some fellow Christian brothers, who were encouraged by our talking with them and had lots of questions on how to talk to their friends that didn’t believe in God. We helped show them how to communicate their faith.

All and all the Gospel was given to around 100 people. To God be the Glory. Praying that the seeds landed and penetrate some of the hardened hearts we came in contact with as well as those that were receptive to hearing of Jesus Christ. On a sidenote, Norman had the 180 tracts and engaged many people using them, and really seemed to see a 180 in peoples thinking about abortion and life in general. Looking forward to seeing and serving with each one of you.

For His Glory!

Love you all-
brother brian

7 Responses to “Gamestop Outreach Report”
  1. Mitch says:

    Great to hear about another outreach Bro. All Glory be to our God and Saviour! Amen!

  2. Praise God For Brian, please Lord, raise up more Christians like Brian!

    Praise God For Protecting Your Outreach So You Could Evangelize In The Mall!!!!

    Praise God For Sending You Out There!

    • Amen, brother. Agreeing with you in prayer and praising God with you!

    • Brian Ottinger says:

      Praise God indeed. Thanks for your encouragement, while I dont know you personally I know you are family in Christ. The coolest part is the guy, Norman who invited me to come with him on this night, as many people already know, is actually the person who was faithful to share the Gospel with me in March 2010. God saved me in Sep 2010 and I praise the Lord everyday for those that share the Gospel like Norman and now I am seen worthy to do the same.

  3. Shawn Pander says:

    Lisa and I will be praying for these souls tonight. So blessed to be part of Thespeaktruthproject, love you guys.

    grace and peace, Shawn

  4. Brian Ottinger says:

    Really thankful to Norm, Jonathan and Buck for establishing this idea, and inviting me along. I encourage anyone who is reading this to take the passions the Lord has given you before a relationship with Him as well as those you have since being Born Again and go take the Gospel to those people who you can relate to. Because of our experiences in playing this game we were able to break into many wonderful conversations about Eternity and Jesus Christ! Thanks again for all the brothers and sisters of TSTP for encouragement and love and prayer for eachother in each of our projects.

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