November Evangelism Opportunities

We have a lot going on this November and hope you can join us for one of these activities.  Please contact us if you would like to proclaim the Gospel with us this month and gain experience with seasoned evangelists.  Other dates (including Saturdays) may be added as opportunities open up, so please check out calender for updates.

11/3 Thursday – UNCC 6:30pm-10pm

11/5 Saturday – Uptown Charlotte 5pm – 10pm

11/7 Monday – Concord Mills Gamestop Midnight Release Party – 9pm – until. 700 to 1000 people to be there. The National Guard will be there and they are providing food. It will be a late night but a good time. Just looking for tract distribution and one on one witnessing.

11/10 Thursday – Uptown Charlotte 5:30-9:30pm with Scott Smith and Bill Adams

11/11 Friday – Occupy Charlotte, CPCC, Uptown, or UNCC 10a-4:30pm with Scott Smith, Bill Adams, and Dustin Segers.

11/17 Thursday – UNCC 6:30-10pm

11/18 Friday – Uptown Charlotte 5:30-10pm.

11/24 Thanksgiving Day – Black Friday at Concord Mills and surrounding stores – 9pm-1am – opportunity to witness to thousands lined up outside for the Christmas holiday sales.

4 Responses to “November Evangelism Opportunities”
  1. Mitch says:

    Will be praying that goes well for you Brother and God be glorified in all you do. All to the glory of God! Amen.

  2. Brian Ottinger says:

    Hey guys- next Monday- November 7th, We will be heading up there at 9pm. I can only make it a few hours, but wanted to make sure everyone knew that it would be starting at 9, in case anyone else could make it.

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