180 Heart Changer – Pro-choice to Pro-Life!

Whether you are pro-choice, have voted for pro-choice candidates, or are pro-life, 180 is a must-see documentary.

Living Waters has developed the website, Heart Changer, where the documentary can be viewed in addition to telling the producers your story of doing a “180”.  You can also learn how you can get involved in spreading the word to your friends, family, and strangers.  Additionally, the website provides resources for support if you or a loved one are pregnant with a child.

I just purchased 10 copies for $10 and will be giving them to family members.  As you know, family is the most difficult group to share the Gospel with, so I’m hoping this Gospel-centered film will break the ice with some in my family that I would have opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.  Through The Speak:Truth Project, we also hope to purchase DVDs to hand out during our weekly outreaches, and I will be asking my church if they would offer a viewing to our congregation.

If you have had an abortion or have supported a woman in her choice to have an abortion, please know there is forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no crime you have ever committed against our Holy God that He cannot forgive.  Even though God hates the wicked, He also loves the ungodly.  The Bible says that God demonstrated His love toward us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).  The Bible also says “The LORD is gracious and merciful,  slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love” (Psalm 145:8). If you would like to learn more about God’s forgiveness for the contrite heart and how you can know this gracious and merciful Savior, please see Eternal Life.

For additional reading on this topic, please see:  Why Christians Should NEVER Vote for Obama (or any other pro-choice/pro-abortion candidate)

After viewing the video, please be sure to click on the banner at the top to learn how you can get involved.

6 Responses to “180 Heart Changer – Pro-choice to Pro-Life!”
  1. R. Williams says:

    Most unintelligent, irrational, bias video I have ever seen.

  2. Ken Hinkle says:

    Moving video, everyone needs to see this video. Their moral values would change. The world needs to change or suffer a worse fate.

    • Hi Ken, thanks for the comment and I agree that everyone should see this documentary. When you say everyone’s morals would change, what exactly do you mean? Also, how do you think the world would be able to change, if that were possible? Looking forward to your reply.

  3. J M says:

    I am a female, married, pregnant, Bible-college graduate.

    How does the emotional rise of an ignorant anti-semite have anything to do with abortion? I have been to a concentration camp. I see no correlation between that and a clinic. Do you see how hard it is for these sweet young people to say they want to kill their children? If for one second, Christians would turn their focus to these young girls instead of a massive federal government, we might be able to get somewhere with the abortion fight. I do not want my government to be able to tell me what to do with my body. Im pro-life to an extreme, however I vote pro-choice. Separation of church and state work both ways, my friends.

    “Its Ok to kill a baby in the womb when…” a beloved sister’s much-loved baby will not make it outside the womb for one second, because for some reason, his poor chromosomes didnt organize right. She could feel his kicks. She loved him. And that picture of that dead baby was about where he was when they took him. Do you men understand that a baby killed that far along is not “for selfish reasons.” It was a soul-crushing decision. Not all abortions are from college kids not wanting to “deal with it.”

    • Hi JM, thanks for commenting and I appreciate your questions. I apologize for just now getting back to you as I’ve been busy with our recent Super Bowl Outreach. Below you will find my answers to your questions:

      You said, “How does the emotional rise of an ignorant anti-semite have anything to do with abortion?”

      In the same way Hitler convinced the Germans that Jews were not humans, so too has the liberal machine convinced the people that babies in the womb are not humans. The result: 6-10 Millions dead Jews, and 54 Million dead American babies.

      You said, “to kill their children…a baby killed…” – do you realize what you have said? You have reduced God’s Law as something to be disregarded. God says do not murder, yet you are justifying murder. My heart breaks for you, JM, and I fear for you.

      You said, “Christians would turn their focus to these young girls instead of a massive federal government…”

      Both are necessary. On the one hand, we proclaim the Gospel that hearts would be changed and women keep their babies (check this out for example), and the government must add the definition of personhood in the U.S. Constitution to include babies in the womb.

      You said, “Im pro-life to an extreme, however I vote pro-choice.”

      JM, you are not pro-life if you vote pro-choice. You are deceiving yourself. Please see the following links:

      Christians Voting for Pro-abortion Obama

      Why Christians Should NEVER Vote for Obama (or any other pro-choice/pro-abortion candidate)

      Abortion in America

      I think you will find the above links beneficial to you, JM. Please, please, please do not take this issue lightly. You have disregarded God’s Holy Law and by doing so give evidence that you are not born again. I do not say this to hurt you, but to plead with you to examine yourself as to whether you are in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5). Please read the book of 1 John, and take a moment to watch the following video:

      It Will Cost You Everything

      And this article: Eternal Life

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am praying for you, JM.

      p.s. congratulations on having your precious baby. I pray when you feel your baby kicking, when you see his or her heart beating, when you see him or her move within the womb, and when you hold him or her in your arms for the first time, I pray that you realize God has fearfully and wonderfully made this baby, He has formed him or her in your womb, and He has breathed a soul into his or her being. When you hear him or her cry and look into your eyes for the first time, know that this baby has been a baby since he or she was conceived, and be thankful God has given you this gift, that neither you or any one else has the right to murder this precious soul. Every time you vote pro-choice, JM, you are responsible in the murder of the very life exemplified in the baby you will soon hold in your arms.

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