Free Gospel Tract Giveaway

UPDATE: Thank you to all who contacted us to receive these free Gospel tracts.  We are joyful that the remaining tracts have all been donated. Please check back with us soon as we will offer several tracts for purchase in the near future, Lord willing.

UPDATE #2: These tracts are now available for purchase at the TSTP Store

We conducted a fundraiser in August 2011 to purchase 20,000 custom Gospel tracts for our Project Pride Charlotte event.  We were overwhelmed by your support and reached our goal with days to spare.  On August 27th, we distributed approximately 9,000 tracts to the patrons of Pride Charlotte, which means we have about 9,400 tracts yet to be handed out.  With confirmation from a few dear friends on facebook, we’d like to offer these tracts to you free of charge to support your local evangelism efforts.  While we designed this tract for a specific outreach, the tracts are applicable for any lost person, heterosexual or homosexual.  You can view our follow-up page for recipients of this tract here:  The Rainbow Promise.  Please see details below the following images to learn how you can receive these free tracts:

(If this is your first time visiting The Speak:Truth Project, we invite you to read Eternal Life to examine where you might stand before God on judgment day).

(Click image to enlarge)

Follow these steps to receive your free tracts:

  1. Post a comment below stating why you would like to receive a pack of 100 tracts and what you plan to do with them.
  2. If you have a special event reaching out to the homosexual community and you wish to receive more than 100 tracts, please explain.
  3. There are potentially 94 spots available to receive a pack of 100 tracts, so the first 94 commenters will be eligible. Depending on demand for more than 100 tracts, all commenters are not guaranteed to receive tracts (first come first serve).
  4. Be sure your commenting credentials include a valid and active email address.
  5. As time permits, I will contact each commenter in order of comment posted to confirm quantity requested and shipping costs.
  6. Payment for shipping can be made by donation through Paypal.
  7. Pass this along to your friends!
If you have any questions, please ask in your comment below.
May the Lord use these Gospel tracts for His glory!
13 Responses to “Free Gospel Tract Giveaway”
  1. Alex Nagy says:

    I would like to receive a pack. I could distribute them to members of the house church I’m part of and we can use them for local outreach efforts. We’re a small group of 3 families that is quickly growing (we are looking to possibly add another 15 persons to our group already) and looking for every way to reach out to the lost in our community.

  2. Lisa Ragan says:

    I’ll take a pack please! I have talked about getting tracts (earlier today in fact) for awhile but just kept putting it off! I always viewed gospel tracts as an effective way to spread the good news without a lot of confrontation. I really like the way the message is presented in this tract as well.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Justin – I’d LOVE some packs of this. I have some buddies and me we just started actively witnessing as a group. If you’re game and have enough, I’d like to get 5 packs, one for each of us. I’ll pay shipping, just message me and let me know how much. Thanks, brother for your example and your work in this. It’s been an encouragement to me!

  4. Amy says:

    Could I get a pack? My son and I give out tracts at the local food pantry every month. This one of course is similar to Way of the Master, where the commandments are used to bring the knowledge of sin. ‘ LOVE those kind! I’d also like to share some with a pastor friend who is dealing with a homosexual son for his support group. Thanks if it’s doable!

  5. Johanna Nutma says:

    I would love to get a pack of tracks! I think I would like to hand them out on Halloween this year and leave them with whomever I feel the Spirit prompting me to. Thanks!

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