Project NASCAR Report

Large crowd at Speed Street near 3rd and Tryon Streets.

This Memorial Day weekend was one for which we can be thankful.  Friday, May 27th, marked the day for the much anticipated Project NASCAR as four of us from The Speak:Truth Project  joined 10 other evangelists from out of town to share the Gospel with thousands in attendance at the annual Food Lion Speed Street in Charlotte, NC.  I am amazed at how God has used the internet to bring brothers and sisters in Christ together for fellowship and service.  I am grateful for these growing relationships and look forward to what God has in store for us as we seek to build the Kingdom together.

Friday morning I met Scott and Patte Smith for breakfast and fellowship.  We then arrived Uptown at 11am to meet a couple of brothers, one of whom is Kenard and his wife Temika Martin from The True Vine Ministry that serves the homeless with food and the Gospel each week.  It was a blessing to finally meet them and I’m eager to join them on a Wednesday night soon.

Sal preaching; Aaron and Bobby fellowshiping at Speed Street.

We eventually made our way down to 3rd and Tryon Streets, which seemed to be a major intersection for the Speed Street event.  The area was packed with vendors and people, so we made this our base and began distributing Gospel tracts.

Everyone seemed to love the NASCAR Trivia tracts we purchased from One Million Tracts.  With a simple announcement of “NASCAR trivia”, people received the tracts with curiosity.  With this in mind, handing out themed-based tracts for special events seems to be the way to go for optimizing tract distribution.  Nearly all 1,000 NASCAR Trivia tracts were distributed over the weekend!

By 3pm or so, everyone seemed to have arrived for witnessing, including The Sidewalk Saints from Greenville, SC; Bill Adams and Bobby McCreery from Sports Fan Outreach International; and Dustin Segers from Grace in the Triad.  Several of these brothers preached on the corner to the passers-by while others handed out tracts and engaged in one-to-one witnessing.  Throughout the day, the Lord brought rain that drove people to take shelter, which provided a great opportunity for some of the men to open-air preach to a still audience.   You can view Ed and Dustin preaching on our Media page.

TSTP, Sidewalk Saints, and Dustin Segers at Speed Street

The day was long as we witnessed until around 9:30p or so, rain or shine.  As a token of our friendship and bond in Christ, our dear brother Ed gave us one of his crosses.  This was such a kind gesture and I look forward to carrying this cross for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ that it might draw His sheep to the Gospel.

On Saturday and Sunday, Aaron and I had another blessed opportunity for witnessing as we joined a pilot ministry through our church that will serve the lost through sporting events.  This inaugural event included a donated RV that enabled the church to have a spot on the infield of Charlotte Motor Speedway.  This was a unique experience to engage NASCAR fans up close and personal in a tailgating-like environment.  Our time to engage the lost was somewhat limited due to the party atmosphere, but during the daytime we were able to have several conversations with various people on the infield and outside the speedway at the vendor locations.  As most people seemed like they had places to go and weren’t really hanging out, this type of setting was mostly tract distribution.

Aaron and Justin on the infield at Charlotte Motor Speedway

If you are reading this message and spoke with us this weekend or received one of our cards, thank you so much for following up to learn more about us.  More importantly, I pray you take the time to read our Eternal Life page where you will learn how you can be delivered from the bondage of sin to receive eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was no coincidence that you met us this weekend, and it is no coincidence you have found yourself on our website.  If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are so thankful that God has used us for another opportunity to make Christ known.  The joy that comes from sharing the Good News with the world cannot be adequately explained.  If you are interested in joining us for weekly outreaches or a future project, please also contact us.  We want The Speak:Truth Project to be a means to help you gain experience in witnessing to strangers so that you will be confident to speak Truth to the lost on your own.

Be sure to subscribe by email to stay updated on future events.

Praise be to our great God and Savior Jesus Christ!

You can view more photos from this weekend HERE.


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