Project Bele Chere

The Speak:Truth Project is hitting the road in July and we want YOU to join us!  July 29-31 marks the annual Bele Chere festival in beautiful Asheville, NC, which celebrates a wide variety of arts, music, food, beverages, events, and children’s activities.  Bele Chere is hosted by the City of Asheville and estimates 300,000 to … Continue reading

Atheists Hate Jesus, but Some Don’t Realize It

I received a comment from an Atheist on a post regarding friendship evangelism at airō yesterday, and wanted to share it here with you.  Cary seemed honest in his inquiry so I was happy to reply to him candidly.  His comment was a bit lengthy (read it in its entirety HERE), so I will just … Continue reading

Proof That God Exists

If you’ve never visited presuppositional apologist Sye TenBruggencate’s web page, then it’s a must that you do.  He provides an easy-to-understand interactive tool to fundamentally prove the existence of God through logic.  For a little while now, I’ve been interested in studying presuppositional apologetics so to strengthen my understanding of logic to be used in … Continue reading

Join Us in June!

Although we do not have a Project planned for June, we do have a few opportunities for you to join us to engage the lost on the streets of Uptown Charlotte this month.  You are invited to join us each Thursday for dinner at 6pm then witnessing at 7pm. On June 9th we will be … Continue reading

Project NASCAR Report

This Memorial Day weekend was one for which we can be thankful.  Friday, May 27th, marked the day for the much anticipated Project NASCAR as four of us from The Speak:Truth Project  joined 10 other evangelists from out of town to share the Gospel with thousands in attendance at the annual Food Lion Speed Street … Continue reading