Weekly Outreach Report – 5/20/11

First time handing out tracts for Jarrett and David - great job!

Earlier this week we announced an invitation to join us on Thursday nights as we engaged the lost in Uptown Charlotte, NC.  We had a great initial turnout as 4 brothers, including 1 from our Way of the Master evangelism training on Sunday mornings, joined Lee and I last evening.  After dinner and fellowship at Hawthorne’s N.Y. Pizza, we headed Uptown to hit the streets.

At least two of the fellas had never been involved in street evangelism, and to their surprise, it went better than they imagined it would.  One of the perceptions was that most people would not want to speak with us about spiritual matters.  Although not everyone offered a Gospel tract accepted it, we went through about 100 tracts and those we engaged in conversation were friendly and willing to speak with us.

In two blessed opportunities, we were able to share the Gospel with large groups.  The second group we spoke with was a group of college students from Michigan who were on a marching band tour.  They had just filtered out of a NASCAR event at Time Warner Cable Arena and gathered at one of the resting columns on Trade Street.  I proceeded over to what I thought would be a handful of young people, only to realize they grew in numbers when I began

Justin and Lee with some of the students from Michigan

to hand out trillions.  There was about a dozen of them to receive the tracts and asked the “trillion dollar question“.  Most of them admitted to having a Christian background, and most believed themselves to be good people.  One young man, Aaron, believed he was good enough to go to heaven and obliged to go through the “Good Person Test.”  To my amazement and for the first time in my witnessing experience, I had a captive audience to go through the Law and Gospel much like our brothers associated with Living Waters and similar, biblical ministries of evangelism.  For about 30 minutes, I was “on the box” with these folks as Aaron and the rest of the group intently listened to the message and engaged when prompted.

Most importantly, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was clearly presented and I pray God has changed the lives of these students for His glory.  They all admitted to never hearing the Gospel presented in this manner (despite having Christian backgrounds), and they were very appreciative of me speaking with them – so much so, they asked if they could take a picture of us together.  I gave them all a card and encouraged them to follow up with me for any questions.

I praise God for the work He has done in me.  Last year, I never would have imagined I would be doing something such as this, and am simply amazed that He would use me to proclaim His truths in this manner.  I did not plan on open-air preaching last night, but in a way I did due to the large audience the Lord gave to me.  I praise Him for the opportunity to encourage other believers to join us and gain experience in street witnessing, and I praise Him for the opportunity to share these stories with you on the internet that you might be encouraged as well.

As we shared with a few of the brothers who joined us last night – the fears we formulate in our minds largely do not exist.  People aren’t as intimidating as we make them out to be, and most people are happy to engage us in conversation.  We were not persecuted or arrested, although this is possible on any occasion, and even if it did happen, we would be blessed per Matthew 5:11.  And now through getting some experience with us, these brothers are eager to share with other believers to invite them to join us on Thursday nights – isn’t God faithful to accomplish His glorious purposes?

So we continue to invite you to engage the lost with us on Thursday nights if you are in the Charlotte area.  If you are reading this and we have not met you, please send us a message through our Contact page as we’d love to get to know you and have you join us.  For those outside of our region, I hope this encourages you to speak the truth in your local area – all you have to do is step out on the water and trust God will hold you up.

Until next time…

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”  – Mark 1:17

4 Responses to “Weekly Outreach Report – 5/20/11”
  1. Kostya says:

    Justin, be faithful in reaching out the lost!
    Kostya, St.Pete, Russia

  2. Brian Ottinger says:

    just read this brother- extremely encouraged to read this and see the progress The LORD has made in this Ministry. Such a blessing to have resources to share as well. Halalujah

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