Weekly Outreach Report – 5/20/11

Earlier this week we announced an invitation to join us on Thursday nights as we engaged the lost in Uptown Charlotte, NC.  We had a great initial turnout as 4 brothers, including 1 from our Way of the Master evangelism training on Sunday mornings, joined Lee and I last evening.  After dinner and fellowship at … Continue reading

Lunchtime Evangelism

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about the blessed opportunity of a local brother who is able to open-air preach in Uptown Charlotte every Friday on his lunch break.  Uptown is a very busy, pedestrian-friendly city center populated with corporate businesses, shops, and restaurants, thus giving this brother potentially hundreds of people to … Continue reading

Thursday Night Evangelism in Uptown Charlotte

Beginning this week, we are inviting you to join us each and every Thursday for evangelism in Uptown Charlotte as part of our weekly outreaches.  We will be meeting at 6pm at Five Guys at 210 E. Trade Street at 6pm for dinner, fellowship, and prayer before hitting the streets around 7pm.  We will typically … Continue reading

Eternal Life

The Tale of a Good Person John would be considered a model American citizen. As a 42 year old paramedic, he was in the business of saving lives and received various awards for his stellar character and work ethic including Paramedic of the Year, Rookie Medic of the Year, Community Service Award, Mentor of the … Continue reading

Project NASCAR – Speed Street Evangelism

Our next event for The Speak:Truth Project will take place at the 2011 Speed Street for NASCAR.  This will be an exciting time to share the Gospel with thousands of people in Charlotte, NC.  Mark your calendar for May 27th – we pray you can join us.   Please visit the facebook event page to RSVP:  … Continue reading

Bin Laden Evangelism Survey

Yesterday on airō I posted an article titled Osama, Terrorism, Despair, and Hope and closed with how the death of Osama bin Laden has given us an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel with the lost. No doubt every person you come in contact with has an opinion on the matter, and I can think of no … Continue reading