Jehovah’s Witness 1914 False Prophecy

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries has posted an excellent illustration, based on a 1984 Watchtower publication, that clearly shows the Watchtower Society to be a false prophet organization.  Make sure you read Dr. White’s explanation, then consider printing this image to keep in your Bible for the Jehovah’s Witness that knocks on … Continue reading

Great Outdoors, Fellowship, and Evangelism

One of my most favorite things to do in life is to enjoy the great outdoors.  Last Saturday, a group of us headed to Grandfather Mountain in Western North Carolina to meet up with a couple of dear friends, Josh and Steve, who recently moved from Charlotte to pastor Higher Ground Church of God in … Continue reading

Project Jimmy Buffett Recap

Last Thursday a group of us gathered together to take the Gospel to a dark place called Margaritaville.  There were thousands of people there ready to celebrate a care-free night by throwing back beer and margaritas, dressed in leis, straw skirts, and beach affair.  Needless to say, we had a challenging night ahead of us – … Continue reading

“God Has Forgiven You” Church Sign

Originally posted at airō “God Has Forgiven You” were the words of a church sign I passed by in March on the way to our weekly evangelism outreach at UNC-Charlotte.  As I drove passed the sign, I could hardly believe what I read, so I made a U-turn to make sure I read it correctly.  … Continue reading

Project Jimmy Buffett Update

The Jimmy Buffett concert begins at 8pm at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC. A couple of us plan on meeting at 4:30pm at the Kohl’s shopping center at 9315 North Tryon Street and will proceed to the concert parking lot to secure a prime parking spot. Others plan on joining us between 5:30-6pm. … Continue reading

What Is “Lordship Salvation”?

As we seem to be rapidly approaching the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Gospel is under considerable attack and will continue to be diluted and polluted by “certain people [who] have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality … Continue reading

A Rich Man’s Testimony

How often do we come across professing Christians in witnessing encounters who don’t have very much to say about their faith, much less explain what their faith is or means? Such is the symptom of a Christ-less Christianity in the American church.  The Christian faith is often defined by doing good works, going to church, … Continue reading

Saturday Night Evangelism

If you are in the Charlotte area and would like to join us to engage the lost Saturday night, April 2nd, please contact us.  The plans are to witness 1-to-1 from approximately 7:30-10:30pm amongst the night life crowd.  No experience necessary – hope you can join us! Thanks to Trish Ramos for the following video … Continue reading