Project #2: CIAA Tournament Planning

The Project planning page can be found here:  CIAA Open-air Evangelism Outreach

This evangelism event will be a combination of open-air preaching, Gospel tract distribution, and

This is the main entrance to the arena

one-on-one witnessing on Saturday, March 5, 2011. Taking place in Uptown Charlotte, the CIAA tournament will be celebrating its 99th anniversary February 28-March 5. Events are scheduled throughout the week with the festivities closing on Saturday.

The Charlotte Convention Center is the primary event location for the CIAA tourney and is just 3 blocks away from Time Warner Cable Arena (333 E. Trade Street). Events begin at 8:30am and the post-tournament celebration begins at 11pm. Games are scheduled at 5:30pm and 8pm at the arena.

We will set up on a sidewalk platform that sits between the Lynx light rail and the main entrance to the arena. For a photo tour of where this will take place, please see this album:  CIAA Open-air Outreach Planning

Because traffic will be heavy and parking possibly scarce, you might want to consider taking the Lynx into downtown. Some of us will be meeting between 10:30-11am at the Scaleybark station. For details, please see the Lynx website:  Lynx Charlotte

Uptown Charlotte is going to be hopping this first weekend in March, so we have an incredible opportunity to reach thousands with the Gospel. No matter your witnessing experience, you are encouraged to join us! Please be praying for fertile hearts and sensitive ears as we proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ on the streets of Charlotte!

This is the corner where we will meet (Aaron is a really nice guy, this is his serious face 🙂 )


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