Workplace Evangelism

Something incredible happened at work today. Due to the nature of my job, opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people at work do not come very often.  Lately, I have tried to frame my conversations in a way that reveals I am a Christian (like inserting references to church into conversations, etc.), … Continue reading

Project #3 – Jimmy Buffett

Beach sand, parrots, margaritas, and buckets of beer…that will be the mindset of most in attendance at the Jimmy Buffett concert on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. But “we have the mind of Christ” and will be proclaiming the Gospel to thousands of Parrotheads! My initial plans for Project Jimmy Buffett are … Continue reading

“I Can’t Read This”

“I can’t read this” were the words I heard as I opened the door to walk out of the floral shop of the Cotswold area. As soon as I heard those words, my face turned red as I knew I had to turn around and engage in a conversation I thought the gospel tract I … Continue reading

An Open-air First in 1st John

For several months now, I believe the Lord has been drawing and preparing me to preach in the open air. Through wonderful ministries like Go.Stand.Speak and Living Waters, God has equipped and greatly encouraged me to get “on the box“.  I knew the day was coming when I would preach on the street for the … Continue reading

Preach Hell with Agonizing Vigor

These last few weeks have generated much buzz about the doctrine of hell since Rob Bell released his promo video of his latest book, Love Wins (reviewed here by Kevin DeYoung), which hit store shelves this week.  In his creative and seductive literary abilities, Bell has roused the defenses of fundamental evangelicals and has unleashed … Continue reading

TRILLIONS! Did You Get One of These?

As I didn’t get a chance to explain the concept of these Project Challenges in Project Challenge #1 – Tsunami, I’d like to take a minute to do that before proceeding with the next challenge. An integral part of this ministry is to help saints overcome their fears in evangelism. One thing I learned last … Continue reading

Project Challenge #1 – Tsunami

In this incredible video revealing the extraordinary power of the Japan tsunami generated by the massive 8.9 earthquake, the news anchor and analyst comment: Anchor: “We’ve seen a number of devastating earthquakes over the past few weeks…the terrible earthquake in Christchurch, now this in Tokyo – why are we seeing so much seismic activity now?” … Continue reading

Witnessing to Muslims

Every Thursday night, Crucial (aka Matt Slyman, who you will meet soon on the Meet the Team page),  and I go to UNC-Charlotte to witness to folks on campus. However, last night we found out the hard way that the school was closed for spring break. So I wanted to check out a local pedestrian-friendly … Continue reading

We Must Memorize Scripture

One of the privileges we have as children of the Sovereign Creator of the universe is to memorize His Holy Word. There is such reward and benefit in taking the time to affix these precious words from God onto our hearts, and admittedly I can and should do more of this spiritual discipline. During our … Continue reading

Project #2: CIAA Tournament

The evangelism outreach that took place on March 5th, 2011 at the CIAA tournament in Uptown Charlotte, NC was incredible!  Although threatened with rain most of the day, it could not have gone better as it seemed the Gospel was going forth non-stop from our gathering at the train station at 10:30am until returning to … Continue reading